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Greenhill 2

February 5, 2009

‘Greenhill 2’ is the second of a set of six Just tunings considered by Peter Greenhill for the Robert ap Huw manuscript (c.1613). It may be of interest to pibroch players because it produces a scale remarkably similar to historic Highland bagpipe intonation, as evidenced by 1927 recordings of John MacDonald of Inverness and the Iain Dall chanter (c.1690). For a full discussion, see Affirming an ancient intonation, an interview by Mike Paterson in Piping Today 38.

MP3 of Greenhill 2

In this recording, I tune a wire-strung harp – an Ardival ‘Kilcoy’ – to Greenhill 2, following my own route. There are other ways of ending up with Greenhill 2; my principle designing this route was to minimise movement of the tuning key.